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    I'm just curious of what gaming setup everyone has... Feel free to post a picture of your gaming set up and, if you want, include a list of your products/games owned. (THIS IS NOT A CONTEST! THIS IS JUST A WAY FOR PEOPLE WHO MIGHT BE TRYING TO CREATE AN AREA TO GET IDEAS!!!)
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    here's my game box. it is still a work in progress, but mostly minor stuff to further enhance aesthetic and system efficiency. it is built for games and only for games and nothing more! no fancy blings, no lights, no dinosaur dvd drive, just performance and mobile. gaming performance has never been so refreshing!

    asus maximux v gene
    core i7 2700k
    corsair vegeance 32gb 1600mhz
    samsung 830 128gb ssd
    samsung 1tb hdd
    corsair hx pro 850 watt
    two gtx 680 sc signature+ super clock
    two heatkiller gpu-x3 water block
    heatkiller dual-link sli bridge
    xspc single bay res
    danger den cpx-pro pump
    alphacool nexxxos monsta rad
    eleven yate loon 120mm 88cfm fans
    140mm fan for exhaust
    shin-etsu x23 tim
    koolance pressure fittings
    walmart distilled water :D

    and bunch of soldering, custom connectors, and wire shortening to maximize circulation. the two gpus barely touch 34c at full load stress test, under normal gaming it stays around 25c - 26c.
    fans are running full blast and are loud and annoying. i had to attach two epoxy diode on the line to calm it a little, but its still loud. i'm still looking for clever ways to make the fans respond to the temperature changes from the gpus. or maybe i just add more diode to the line and get over with it.:D
    the problem is the fans are all connected in parallel, and so the current craw are in the excess of 3.5 - 4 amps, most pc fan controller don't support this much current on a single channel. so a custom controller will have to be use to run all the fans at once on a single line. i'm having some ideas about those r/c model airplane electronic speed controller, perhaps something in the range of 5-7 amps would suffice.
    i spend a full week doing bench test on the plumbing to check for leaks before i commit it to the system.
    the part that cost me the most study time was the radiator, at least three weeks. those stingy geeks over at overclockers wouldn't spare a few seconds of their time to toss a bone of information to a newcomer asking for help, but rather they choose to be smart ass and tell me to go read the damn sticky. yess, i did read the damn sticky before i post!
    the part i had a remorse on buying as the 2700k. i thought the ivy bridge wouldn't be release until september and i wanted to play games for the summer and i don't want to wait for it. then the thing was released a week after i got my 2700k. my jaw drop and i can't return it because i took it out of the box. and also maybe the ram, should have gone with higher speed over higher capacity. i thought i was going to do the whole ramdisk mumbo jumbo but then lost all feelings for it in the process.

    i still need a cpu water block, back plate for the two gpus, discrete rad fan controller.

    anyway, so here it is. this is as small as i can get it to maintain mobility. i try to keep it as compact and simple as possible and only add what is absolutely necessary.

    pictures are taken with iPhone 4s


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