Post a screen cap of your iPhones home screen:


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Aug 15, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
So before some of your pen0rs flame me, I DID search MRoogle... the last one of these threads are from 2008. So I think i'll start a new one for the people that recently bought one. :)

Preferably post a screen cap(press the lock and home button simultaneously) of all of your screens(besides the search screen) in order. Im curious to see how you have your home screen arranged. :D

I'll go first(UPDATED ON 10/18/09):



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Aug 26, 2008
First two screens:

Trying to decide if I like the darker outline for my icons, so that's why two of them are darker than the rest.


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Jun 16, 2009
Saint Augustine, FL
Home screen...

Transparent theme for the bottom 2 rows, blank icons for the rest.

Random "other apps" screen. I'm going to SSH in normal icons to replace the transparent ones one of these days on all of these screens; I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm using BossPaper now for rotating wallpapers, so there's really no need for transparent icons other than on the homescreen. :)



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Feb 6, 2008
So Cal
I have three main pages, page one is most used apps, page two is blank so I can see the wall paper (I use bosspaper so it changes all the time) Then page three has less used apps. Plus on page one the second row from the bottom the picture of a video camera is my apps folder with 90 apps in it, the one next to it is my games folder with about 60 games and the next one is my news folder with around 35 news apps.

Oh and I opened my stacks in the second page so you could see it, its there on every page :)

Hey Chelsea what theme is that?





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Jul 19, 2006

If my phone looked like this I would probably have an anxiety attack.

All I have ever gotten from JB and customization is an unstable phone.

Again, if it's your bag, cool, but some people prefer simplicity and, in my experience, stability.