Post all of your OS apps here!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Swagged, Jul 25, 2014.

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    Sure, but I'm explaining what they are too. ;)

    Locko - Password manager
    Write - Markdown based text editor
    Highland - Screenplay editor that uses the Fountain markup (shares elements with Markdown)
    Verto Studio 3D - My 3D modeler of choice (because it's cheap, and while a little cumbersome, it works for ME), and I render out with Mitsuba
    Mitsuba - It's a scene renderer, it's not at a 1.0 yet, but it gives great results
    Pixelmator - Image editor of choice
    Toon Boom Studio 8 - I use it for 2D animation
    DiskAid - What I manage my iOS devices with. I like that I can make a complete backup of apps with it.
    LeafNote - Where I keep my notes for my projects, it's good for organizing everything
    Colloquy - IRC client
    uBar - An alternative dock replacement
    Delineato Pro - Mind mapping
    Bartender - To keep the status bar tidy
    Day One - For thoughts of the day
    Yoink - For keeping stuff at the side
    Evernote - For whatever handouts I get in class, storing notes, references, and other things of interest
    Display Menu - So that when I'm using Screens on my iPad, the resolution matches
    GoodTask - Where I keep my todos
    Download Organizer - Keeps my Downloads folder somewhat tidy

    And then:

    Plex Media Server
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    Here are the ones I use.

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