Post here if you're not having a problem with your iPhone 6 data speeds.


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Aug 19, 2010
So I on Verizon along with some others on different carriers are experiencing slow data speeds on our iPhone 6's. In my case i'm barely getting LTE and when I am the speeds are extremely slow when the coverage should be a none issue. I have a friend who has a galaxy and he has LTE speeds on Verizon while i'm stuck on 3G and were 2 feet apart.

Like I said when it does say I have LTE for me I run the speed test app and the speeds are extremely slow. (I can't even run pandora in my car) I've talked to two different Verizon reps who are not sure why i'm having this issue. I should mention my girlfriend who is also on an iPhone 6 is experiencing the same thing.

Tomorrow i'm going back to the Verizon store to hopefully get this sorted out even if it means exchanging for new iPhones. So I would just like to get a tally of people who are not having any issues with their data speeds on iPhone 6.


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Apr 15, 2014
Could either be the iOS 8.01 or 8.02 update causing your phone to mess up like that or it could be just a faulty phone. I have the 6+ and my data speeds have been fine.


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Jan 6, 2004
Western US
I get really erratic speeds with Verizon LTE (6 Plus).

2 LTE speediest results a minute apart

#1 149 ms ping, 5.87 down, 4.99 up
#2 257 ms ping, 0.81 down, 4.95 up
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