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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by fernandovalente, Jan 26, 2010.

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    I'm finishing two apps for the Mac. Where may I post them? I mean, just like the App Store forum, but for the Mac.
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    I will try to give a complete answer since others have asked this question and related questions.

    Forum members are not permitted to promote their hardware or software products or the products of their employer in forum posts. So that includes Mac software that forum members create. The price and purpose of the software are not factors. The policy applies even to free Mac apps and even if they are useful applications of potential interest to other forum users. That's to be fair to the MacRumors advertisers who pay to promote Mac apps and hardware products.

    MacRumors allows iPhone and iPod touch app vendors to do self-promotion in the App Store forum. That's the exception, not the rule, and there is no equivalent forum for Mac software promotion.

    Mac software authors have two choices under the rules:
    1. Put names, links, or tiny descriptions in your forum signature to promote your software. If you want, you can also point to your business website in the Home Page URL of your user profile. Other forum users will see your signature when you post if they have signature-display enabled (that's a user option).
    2. Advertise at MacRumors. See the About page for details. This tends to be the choice of established and already successful software companies but the choice is available to everyone.
    With choice #1 users must avoid posting simply to make their signature more visible. Forum posts should be made only for the purpose of participating in discussions, never for the purpose of advertising. Users who try to cheat by making useless posts to show off their signature links face the displeasure of other users and the moderators. When a user follows the rules, people will see his or her signature as a side effect of their forum participation and may click the links to see what the user has to offer!

    Essentially the same situation applies to personal websites and blogs. Even if you aren't selling anything, signature links to promote your site are fine and self-promotion in posts is not.

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