Post some rMBP UI videos please!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by RealEyes, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Jun 23, 2012
    I'm waiting for my next check to come in before I order my first ever macbook pro.

    That non-retina is pretty cool but, of course I'm looking at the Retina display. Leaning towards the 2.6Ghz/16GB config.

    I will be starting college soon (CIS/Photography) and I need a laptop for work, which I do everyday.

    My typical desktop consists of 6 or 7 terminals, two different browsers, iTunes and a game like Starcraft II, DIII, Skyrim or Terraria :p You could Photoshop to this lineup as well, although, not all the time, let's throw it in there because this is what the machine should be able to handle no problem.

    I went to the local apple store the weekend after the rMBP came out and started messing around, looked at, opened a terminal and watched the output of 'top'; Safari was using 50% of the CPU so I rebooted it.

    After that, opened the terminal again and started surfing. Two seperate workspaces.

    I noticed that switching workspaces was stepping. I flung mission control around a little and really noticed the system stepping. Now, this was the base model and most likely running that hideous 'kiosk app' as well but, nevertheless, it worried me.

    I have a friend that let me do some work on his late 2011 model and everything was smooth as butter. A co-worker of mine just bought the new non-retina MBP because of the 'lag' he experienced in the store as well. Plus, the display wasn't that important to him either.

    He said the GPU "sucks" and can't handle the display.

    I've read that Mountain Lion should fix the scrolling in safari and the overall UI performance. How true is that? I understand this is a very new and maybe even premature machine. But, I've been doing my reading around here and seeing some threads that outline the same issue I'm concerned with.

    All the latest news headlines are boasting, "MBP Type-R Powers 3 External Displays!!!11" and all I can think is, 'yeah, but is mission control stepping? How's workspace switching?'

    Those two things I will be doing constantly and lag really ruins a computer for me, no matter what I'm doing. Gaming isn't a concern of mine as I have a desktop for that.

    So, can someone with any rMBP make a little video of mission control/workspace switching please? Record it on your iPhone if you think that screencast will slow things down. Open some apps and spread them over some workspaces and then start popping in and out of mission control, fling between desktops and show off a little.

    Much appreciated!
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    Jun 23, 2012

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