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I thought I had done this before but apparently I have not!

Here we go (more specs on each in signature area):

#1: the key lime clamshell

#2: the G5 server

#3: the 17" DLSD

I have not configured the 15" DLSD in my collection yet, so it’s just these three.

[All desktop backgrounds shot by me using colour reversal film, in respective order: Kodachrome 64, Ektachrome EPJ320, and Elite Chrome.]


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Mar 27, 2017
London, UK

For those who are curious, the wallpaper is a grab from the 4:3 Laserdisc of Joe Dante's Explorers. These are graphics that are purportedly displayed by the Apple IIc that controls the lead characters spacecraft. (They were actually generated by an SGI Iris 1400 workstation.) I chose the full frame version to grab the image rather than a 16:9 source because the iBook's LCD is 4:3 and so it would fill the screen more or less.


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Dec 27, 2018
For those who are curious, the wallpaper is a grab from the 4:3 Laserdisc of Joe Dante's Explorers.

This is one of those semi-classic 80s films that starts off well, has a good setup, and then just fizzles out towards the end, viz Flight of the Navigator, Tron, Videodrome etc. I learn from Wikipedia that it was released the day before Live Aid, which was unfortunate timing.

This is my 17" PowerBook G4's backdrop:


It's Venice, looking west, from the top of San Giorgio Maggiore.


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Aug 31, 2011
@eyoungren - can you share it? It's awesome! :) and I gotta say, I'm envious of that portrait setup.
The original, downloaded from the internet. That's Lan Mandragoran and Moiraine Damodred in the lead. Moiraine, my favorite Robert Jordan character and of all the depictions of her, this one is my favorite.


An alternate (not sure which book title this one was). Downloaded from the same place.


Left display.

Dual Display Left.jpg

Right display.

Dual Display Right.jpg

I should probably just scan the book cover. You will notice the quality is not high. That's semi-okay because it's a painting, but kind of annoying.

PS. I have since discovered that these images come from a calendar that I didn't know existed. Apparently there was one released in 2001 and one in 2009 (possibly another in 2014).

In any case, the 2001 calendar is on eBay for either around $50-75 depending on vendor. Now that's PowerPC markup! :D
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Jan 12, 2019
Tír na nÓg
Update from my previous post:
My OS X background on my Power Mac G4 (top on previous post) has changed, but the OS 9 background (bottom) stayed the same.
New OS X background:

Then I have a variety of new machines as well:
PowerBook G4:

iBook G3:
Mirai OS 9 Desktop.png


PowerBook 1400:

I also got a Mac Mini G4, but can't get a screenshot of it right now
If you want any of the backgrounds, feel free to ask :D
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