Post your desktop: December 2019


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Nov 22, 2007
Aalborg, Denmark
Edit: Just to add this; turns out that isn't all that - I found the original image while browsing a section for winter related wallpapers on omg! Ubuntu it is found on Unsplash here: Yosemite Tunnel by James Donovan

Great wallpaper. Appreciate the hint about this - I found other great wallpapers on the same website(that had this one, bookmarked but hadn't visited for a while) while downloading this one.
Wasn't it Steve Jobs that said something along the lines that
We will include some wallpapers for you, but most of you are probably going to use your own
I forget if it was it in the context of OS X or iOS !?
These threads are great examples of that.

Except I realize that most wallpapers I put to use aren't all exactly my of own produce. 😊

This is my desktop screenshot featuring one of the wallpapers I found on mentioned website. File name includes the name 'dannyivan'

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