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Jul 3, 2011
It's December already somewhere in the world...



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Nov 22, 2007
Aalborg, Denmark

Edit: Just to add this; turns out that papers.co isn't all that - I found the original image while browsing a section for winter related wallpapers on omg! Ubuntu it is found on Unsplash here: Yosemite Tunnel by James Donovan

Great wallpaper. Appreciate the hint about this - I found other great wallpapers on the same website(that had this one, bookmarked but hadn't visited for a while) papers.co while downloading this one.
Wasn't it Steve Jobs that said something along the lines that
We will include some wallpapers for you, but most of you are probably going to use your own
I forget if it was it in the context of OS X or iOS !?
These threads are great examples of that.

Except I realize that most wallpapers I put to use aren't all exactly my of own produce. ?

This is my desktop screenshot featuring one of the wallpapers I found on mentioned website. File name includes the name 'dannyivan'

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Oct 10, 2019
here is mine


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Nov 22, 2007
Aalborg, Denmark
My desktop at the moment. Can anyone recommend a good place for wallpapers?

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If you are into wallpapers that are subtle in nature then I'd like to recommend this artist on DeviantART: dpcdpc11 - Cristian's Wallpaper Gallery

He most recently added more The Mandalorian wallpapers to his Gallery.

Nature wallpapers can be had on Unsplash as mentioned above. Most images there aren't always sizes for the desktop but mobile. Can fit a desktop screen however. So not much of an issue.
You'll get an idea about which images can be of use on the Mac desktop .

Though there are many wallpaper websites that tend to steal using arm and legs from other artists and then upload them making all device sizes available which is nice.
I'm not one to complain about that as I've used quite a bit of images from such sites. I've linked to one in my entry here in this thread: Papers.co

Also, an oldie but goodie Hermiks' Widescreen Wallpaper Gallery on DeviantART He also has Vector wallpapers on his page.

There's the WallpapersHome website that has a particular set of skills. Too bad the quality isn't the greatest(banding - which means gradients are easily seen transitioning) and that they also watermark wallpapers they got their hands on.
I've linked to a wallpaper above that I particularly like.

Louie Mantia's Wallpapers Reserve - also his front facing website(with previews and links) here: http://louie.land/wallpapers/

And lastly if you're willing to pay $$ for wallpaper then here's a link for that - from Sebastiaan de With Manifest - a 5K periodical by Pictogram He's a designer that also spends time traveling the world by car or on a motorcycle with friends.
As seen here outgoing link to imgur
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Aug 5, 2004
Catskill Mountains
Except for a weirdly premature 14" snow dump over December 1-2 this year, my area of the Catskills has leaned more to the weather of a rainy November than the regular run-up to the winter holidays. So much so that midway through the month I fished around on the net for a print of Caillebotte's "Paris Street, Rainy Day" as my commentary on it all...

the rainy december lol.jpg
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