Post your favorite coffee beans!

Hi Buddy,

I guess am quiet late to reply on this thread. Apologies for that. :)

We all know that coffee is the awakening dose for everyone in the morning and good and great ideas start with coffee. My favorite coffee beans are:


Tre Forze

Cavallo Nero

Has anyone tried the danesi gold and the lavazza pienaroma ?o_O


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Oct 20, 2008

Currently enjoying a 100/50 blend of Indonesian Mandheling and Guatemala SHB double roasted, rested for 48 hours then ground as needed for espresso.
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Aug 4, 2011
Peruvian Cafe Succhia -

As close as I could get to the cup I had in Peru from a highland farmer (wow was that good). Yes, I do have to roast these myself.

Only pic I have -- sorry for out of focus -- using a Bhemor 1600 roaster:

Huge fan of Happy Mug. Tried Slate and now using Blue Bottle subscription.

George Howell Kenyan AA is the best I’ve ever had. Expensive but definitely worth it.
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