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    I dont know how big hip-hop is here on MR but I think it is a cool idea to share your lyrics with the rest of the members. I´ll start.

    Verse, 12 Bars, 1 Life

    Trapped in a world of paranormal, phenominal scenes
    Surrounded by devils and demons i hear murderous screams
    In these cocaine dreams i'm at a pause but i'm tryna move fast
    It's killin me inside, i can feel my last gasp
    My lost grasp, i'm slippin the ladder of life
    My day falls, lost vision, i'm enclosed by night
    It's like, everydays a new chapter, the dramatic un-told story
    Fightin my darkest dreams as i try to stand in glory
    My past is bein remembered but for all the wrong things
    I changed my ways and i fixed my broken wings
    Now i'm Remenissin my past, prophesisin my dreams
    Emphesisin my life, still hearin devils screams
    It's plain and simple, i'm the leader of this game
    I ain't gon stop spittin until i'm dead or reach fame
    We keep them 17's spinnin, smokin that purple haze
    Pullin up at red lights lookin for girls to get laid
    Back seat of the C, thongs down skirt up
    Lettin your juices flow as we f**k but don't touch
    Just ask Slick, he knows what we've been through
    Just point out who you don't like and you know what i'ma do
    We will survive through blood, sweat and tears
    Fightin as one unit not backin down to our fears
    I can't take this anymore, my life is to crazy
    So i'm sayin goodbye like Em did to Slim Shady

    Still pretty raw but Im working on it.

    This next one is dedicated to my nan who passed aways this summer.

    They say life’s a test, but I know it’s just a game
    It’s just a shame the ones I love run outta credit, ma lifes lame
    I'm runnin outta names in ma family, they’ve all passed away
    So i'm livin for their lost lives everyday
    They say it’s a tragedy and weep so I stay strong
    Even though I’ve been breakin up inside all along
    Now all ive got is a pen and it’s a curse cause it hurts
    Explaining your pain makes life easier but the pain worse
    I can’t be a bad boy no-more i'm ma familys rock
    Any suffering coming our way ive gotta stand straight and block
    Cant handle no dope cause if i'm caught they aint a hope
    No-one else will cope holding them up and climbin up this slope
    Yesturday I saw ma father cry for the first time
    He can no longer hold up ma world up and i'm next in line
    It’s hard to admit, a part of me has died
    But it makes me more determined to survive…Nan I miss ya
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    I dont think so, I think you have to go somewhere like and sign up upload your audio there and post a link.
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