Post your iPhone/iPod Touch's home screen(s)


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Feb 23, 2006
Ft. Lauderdale
How do you take a screenshot of the iPods home screen?:confused:
You have to be running the new 2.0 software.

If you are, simply press the home + sleep/wake buttons at the same time.. Whala, it takes a screen shot and sends it to the pictures folder. From there you have to move it off the phone/iPod..


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Nov 29, 2007
The official Post a Picture of your Home Screen Thread!

It's pretty self explanatory... given that you have firmware 2.0, just push the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time and presto, you have a picture of whatever screen you're on.

Doing this just to see what you layout/apps look like. Here we go!

I know, simple and boring, but I really like a clean home screen, and having multiple ones just gets to me. I've bought almost 60$ worth in apps, and I have them all in case I want to use them later, but I've found that these are really the only two that I use on a regular enough basis to justify compromising the aesthetics of my home screen to use.

Now let's see yours!


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Oct 24, 2007
Ya, it is definitely a web bookmark, a feature since 1.1.3, would be nice though to have a MacRumors app, anybody with SDK skills want to get on it?