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    I think this can be an interesting thread. Post a picture of you keys and a brief description for each thing on your key chain.


    From left to right:

    1. Allen key (when I used to be a manager at McDonalds a few years ago I used this to open up the drive-thru menu board)
    2. LED Light
    3. Dream key (I work on a railroad and this key opens up all the doors and different compartment and cabinets on every train we have)
    4. House key
    5. Firehouse key (It actually just slides in an out on the key receiver then the door will elctrically unlock, I guess its magnetic or something)
    6. Lockbox key (for a little chest thing I have in my room)
    7&8. Fiances house keys
    9. Razor blade
    10. Self explanatory
    11. Car remote
    12. Car key
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    I don't remember what most are for ...

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    Ugh, I am an idiot. Someone delete this please.
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