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    Haiku nutt? Mantinada lover?

    Post your attempts at poetry, or masterpieces, in this dedicated thread of frenetic love for life & words.

    Please consider posting it in a similar manner, i.e. text on jpeg.
    My first attempt ever below.

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    Procedural Poetry

    I once whispered deliberately unintelligible sounds to Siri, and this is what it interpreted:


    I think we have our next Dr. Seuss.
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    Just jotted this. It might be a cliche to write this type of thing these days

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    Only poetry I ever wrote.

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    What is it?
    Some say it’s a time to rejuvenate the soul.
    Yet some say it’s a wast of time
    And still others say it’s a time to dream of the one we love (who ever that may be)

    I may never understand it.
    I am lost and alone.
    I feel so helpless without it.
    I need it.

    You are never coming back.
    You are gone.
    I am here to live on.
    I always wanted you.
    The smell of you still lingers on my sheets

    My mind wonders in and out of the midnight air.
    I put on my amor for sleep.
    Not sure what is left.
    Do you still believe in life?
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    Several of these poetry threads, all pretty old.
    Anybody here that writes poetry and cares to share it?

    Put a couple up, but no response. So here’s one that may be more on topic.

    An Ode to Coffee

    Cannot imagine a day without you
    You lift the fog and begin life anew
    So hot and fragrant; full-bodied and strong
    The stuff of story, and legend, and song!

    Oh what joy comes with that first steaming cup!
    Takes off the cruel edge of waking up
    Brings fresh perspective to what is oft bleak
    Once again human, I’m now fit to speak.

    As dawn is breaking I keep my mug full
    Focused and clear, with the strength of a bull
    Boldly productive while others still sleep
    Neurons are singing; your effects run deep.

    Coffee, oh Coffee - I owe you so much!
    Hard to believe that some call you a crutch
    Nothing else comes close, of which I’m aware
    Oh, sweet Elixir – you’re beyond compare!
  9. Gutwrench, Aug 30, 2018
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    Go Hawkeyes

    I hate walleye
    I hate perch
    But I hate Gophers
    Even worse

    -Gutwrench (Written like a genuine Iowa alum.)
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    Apr 25, 2015
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    In another thread - Photo of the Day - September 2018 - a photo by @someoldguy reminded me of one this one from a few years back.


    An Ode to High Desert

    There is a place where all time seems to cease

    Arroyo, slickrock, is where I find peace.

    Warm sand ‘neath my feet - soft, firm, or like rock

    anchored in Now there's no need for a clock.

    Alien landscape – a magical place

    Wile E. Coyote - an abstract with space.

    Hues warm and subtle, yet outrageous too

    deep, broad, and layered - red earth to sky blue.

    Mesas and arches lend fabulous form;

    varied and massive for mind to transform

    into things moving and living and bold

    for ancients to weave in legends of old.

    Life in high desert must hide deep within

    shadow and landform from sun and the wind.

    Most days are clear and the sun’s bright and hot;

    silent, relentless - oft death to those caught.

    Water is scarce and so provides lean fare

    for mammals, reptiles, precious and rare

    and for birds that fly, dip, flicker, and soar

    o’er the xeric to hunt and explore.

    But if one’s lucky enough to be there

    cool rain filters and sweetens the air;

    or winter clouds lying soft, grey, and low

    dust and then deepen a blanket of snow.

    Sounds of the desert are pure although few

    wind, thunder, cicadas - canyon wrens, too.

    Solo and symphony, murmur and cry

    greeting each sunrise and starry night sky.

    And underlying - a silence, so vast

    infinite present; no future, no past.

    Enfolding all in archetypal embrace,

    nurturing my soul like no other place.

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