Postal Service employees demanding more money/benefits

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Shivetya, Sep 8, 2010.

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    In an interview with Government Executive, APWU President William Burrus said he is guardedly optimistic about collective bargaining negotiations, given the Postal Service's financial woes and declining volume of mail. But he plans to ask for additional wages and benefits for his members, he said.

    What it comes down to is, the Postal service is seeing declining revenues are more people move away from using their services. So they must reduce staff and increase efficiency. They are already losing money and now the union wants more money and more benefits. Worse, the arbitration panel is not permitted to use the USPS current financial condition while considering the unions demands. As in, even though it is losing money that fact cannot be used to determine future pay or benefits.

    The real threat to the US going forward are not international terrorists but government employee unions who use politicians and the courts to fleece working America.
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    Feb 19, 2005
    This is slightly misguided, don't you think?

    You're saying that the reduction of staff resulting in the increase of work for those who are still on staff should not result in workers seeking more money for their jobs? I know a few who work for the USPS and the Union there is to act in their best interest. Of course that means that they don't act in anyone else's best interest. I don't really see how they can be equated to terrorists, or not equated but perceived as worse than.

    You think that the Union trying to get more money for USPS workers is ripping off America? Do you not ever ask for a raise? Just wondering. The average postal worker makes about $51k a year (that's a US average taken from here and updated on 9/1/10. That being an average I can tell you that they're looking at the difference between a first year and someone who has worked 20 years. It's fairly skewed. I hardly call the entry wage for a carrier in their first 5 years of employment to be at all fair considering the work that is done on many routes. In rural areas (many parts of Asheville NC for example) they have to use their own cars for their route. This adds other costs not considered by the USPS.

    I simply cannot agree in this case that the Union is fleecing working America. What I can agree with is that it is absurd that during negotiations they cannot use the recent fiscal year's financial statements. This is how companies get into trouble. What they need is a full audit of their financial statements to ensure money is appropriated, well appropriately.
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    You got some real ballz to equate Postal workers to terrorists and not even try to use a pun like "Going Postal".

    Thats just sad. :rolleyes:
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    Jul 11, 2003

    I was with you until you equated them with terrorists. :rolleyes:
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    Good post jessica.

    It is interesting to me all the bashing that the USPS gets, when I get better customer service at the post office than at a bank.

    Last time I checked we gave banks free money to cover for them screw us over, while my postman delivered my mail on time with a smile yesterday. :rolleyes:
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    He didn't equate them. He said they were a greater threat to america going forward *places hand on heart, solitary tear*
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    Oh I dunno, bringing me a notification of say insurance rate increases in the post or bombing a couple of high-rise buildings. Yeah, I'm having trouble seeing which is worse. :rolleyes:
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    If asking for a raise to cover cost of living expenses and to compensate you for doing more work is a terrorist act, then I think about 99% of Americans are terrorists :rolleyes:
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    So, a group of citizens band together to improve their lot. Sounds like a shareholders' annual meeting to me.

    What was the problem again?
  10. Queso macrumors G4

    Mar 4, 2006
    A period of employer/union collaboration is well overdue in America if you ask me. You're all treated like medieval serfs, yet you're so conditioned to see "socialism" whenever labour reforms are mentioned you don't even realise just how much the status quo hurts you.
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    totally cool
    A job as a postal worker can be relentless and thankless, I don't mind if they get some more money. Maybe they'll be nicer when I'm in line to get stamps.
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    May 10, 2009
  13. PerfSeeker macrumors 6502a

    Jul 10, 2010
    Notice the knee-jerk support for thuggish unions on this board. ;)
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    Oct 8, 2008
    Although it's one of the few government agencies explicitly authorized by the U.S. Constitution, you do realize that the USPS has not directly received taxpayer-dollars since the early 1980s? (Exception of subsidies for costs associated with the disabled and overseas voters.)

    And it doesn't bother you that oil billionaires such as the ones who own the Tea Party have been polluting, manipulating politics, reaping subsidies, and fleecing America?
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    Notice the knee-jerk equating of anything union-related to terrorists in this thread? ;)

    You must not have read any of the posts, because the issue everybody is having is with some of the statements the OP made.
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    And the inability to read by others. :rolleyes:
  17. Queso macrumors G4

    Mar 4, 2006
    And if anyone needed any evidence as to the validity of my post....
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    If there's a veiled call in this to dismantle the US post service to let the "free market" deal with the problem– then we'll see some fleecing.

    I love that people attack the USPS because it doesn't turn a profit. So you'd be okay if they charged you more to meet a bottom line? And then turn around and say they're paying their employees too much, ergo they're "fleecing" America?

    So the logic here is that it's OK for companies to charge as much as they want at the consumer's expense . . . as long as it all goes to the wealthy owners of the company instead of the employees?
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    Republic of Ukistan
    I'm sure your post is always valid.
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    Out of curiosity, who should be supported in this situation?
  21. Sydde macrumors 68020


    Aug 17, 2009
    These routes are typically designated "HC ##", which stands for "Highway Contract". Contract workers are not normally covered by a union.
  22. citizenzen macrumors 65816

    Mar 22, 2010
    Workers seeking raises = :mad:

    Executives seeking raises = :)

    Companies making huge profits during a recession = :D

    My ability to understand why people hate the working class = :confused:
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    Sweet, I'm a Real Amurican because I've never asked for a raise!
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    Oh, I can't wait to see the responses to this by the free market evangelists. I love these two posts.
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    Nov 15, 2005
    I personally think the Post Office is awesome. ^_^

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