Potential xServe/OSX Server Buyer Advice

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by dabirdwell, Nov 18, 2004.

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    Hello all,

    Well I have somehow managed to pick up my first consulting client and I need some advice. My primary responsibility with this company is not office technology but they are very busy and are asking for my help in moving to a new server and network. The president is aware of the benefits that can come with open source software and the MIS/IT guy is turning on to Apple hardware as I talk with him more, so what I am wondering is, how do I go about deciding if a G5 PowerMac or xServe with Panther Server is right for the company? A friend in IT suggested that he would try to get *two* other-brand servers for the price of an xServe and dedicate one to print and file sharing and have redundancy if one crashes.

    This is a small engineering organization. The internal stuff shouldn't be too demanding at all, just email and sharing big files, and the website should get a fair number of hits, but nothing to which I'd dedicate a server.

    Do I really need to be worried about system failure on a G5 with Panther Server? Should I consider a redundant server? How well will a PowerMac run as a server?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Any business that cannot work (costing the company $$$) if the server is down for any period of time should always have a DR solution. 2 identical servers with replication would do the job, but it just depends on how important 100% uptime is to the company, and their budget.

    At least 1 off-site tape backup of critical data should always be budgeted for no matter what.
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    Sep 26, 2002
    As it is, they don't even have a true server, just a peer-to-peer network where the "server" is really just another PC with a shared hard disk.

    They aren't serving their own website or email at all right now.
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    May 19, 2002
    Do they have any Macs right now that they can use as a Server right now?

    If they do they may think of turning one of those into a Server with the limited/unlimited version (499/999) and see how things work out.

    If they buy a server now... they will be paying for a new copy of the Tiger Server OS in a few months (unless they buy a 36 month maintenance plan for the OS which costs 999 -- as much as the Server OS)


    Remember Tiger will be coming out, and that would probably be the time to buy a new Server unless they really need something now.

    Plus this will give them some idea how well it will work for them (if they test just the OS out now.)


    As far as PowerMac G5 vs. XServe -- the XServe includes HW monitoring and spare parts you can buy (beforehand) and install yourself, the PM G5 puts you at the mercy of Apple Care support.

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