Power supply on my early 2008 iMac failed, now I'm stuck with a new SSD.

Thomas Reilly

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Jun 23, 2016
Just purchased a Crucial 240GB SSD from Amazon. Everything was fine. Two days later the power supply in my early 2008 iMac failed. I have no interest in repairing this machine. Now I have an SSD which I can't erase, but I would very much like to send back to Amazon for a refund. Any comments or suggestions?


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Apr 23, 2010
Have you asked Amazon to see if they will do accept a return on this?

If you have an external drive (SATA) you could swap in to erase.


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Jun 3, 2008
Central Cali
Since you're trying to sell and wipe the drive, you'll have it pulled at some point. I have not recommendations on what to do with it.

You should be able to get an adapter that will allow you to connect that drive. The issue is the return time with Amazon. If you have any other computer, you can try installing it there and using a CD to wipe it.