Powerbook 100 greatest gadget of all time? Gimme a break!


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Oct 6, 2003
Victoria, Australia
Mobile PC have assembled a list of their Top 100 gadgets of all time, ranging from the abacus, to computers, to walkmans, to staplers and to their #1, the Apple Powerbook 100.

Mobile PC Top 100 Gadgets of All Time

And why did they vote it the best of ALL TIME??? Because it was the most portable and usable laptop, that totally changed the design of laptops. Whoopy doo.

I LOVE my Macs. But come on!

Reading thru their list, the gadget that had the biggest impact of all time was the TELEPHONE. But they only had it a #23!! Here's what they say about the phone:

it was transmitting voice by electricity that changed the world. From this sprang radio, and later television and the internet. But no other device is as much a necessity as the humble phone
Doesn't that sound like the greatest gadget of all time?


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Mar 16, 2004
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Also note that it's a list of "gadgets", so I think that gives them plenty of leeway. Was the PB 100 the greatest gadget of all time? No, but it was arguably one of, if not the, most influential in terms of design, and it's an appropriate topper for the list. I remember when it came out - the design was ingenious. It seems obvious now, but the PB 100 was the first to do it, and it was a genuinely useful laptop, the first I'd used that wasn't obviously hamstrung.


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Nov 21, 2002
i had a powerbook 100. great little machine. 68000 cpu, mine had 8 full megs of ram and a 20MB hd, and the damn external floppy was awesome. i could type all day on that little thing. i pretty much learned how to type on it. makes this old iBook look space aged when i look back. wonder what i will get next.... :D


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Jul 22, 2002
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virividox said:
but a lot of the laptops dont even deserve to be on there. like the panasonic toughbook!!! gross. and yeah i have to agree the powerbook wasnt the 1 choice

i second the telephone, without it man we wouldnt have the internet!!!
Why do you say the toughbook shouldn't be on there? 'gross' seems to make me think you don't like it because it's fugly looking. So what, even panasonic agree's with that. That sucker is as solid as a rock and put laptops onto a new playing field in terms of on site locations. Great machine for what it does, IMHO.


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Apr 26, 2002
Nermal said:
Because it's Mobile PC magazine.
And I'd add that the PB 100 DID indeed set the way laptops would look and feel from then on. It was revolutionary, but just another day at Apple.


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Jul 17, 2004
virividox said:
but a lot of the laptops dont even deserve to be on there. like the panasonic toughbook!!!
Actually the ToughBook that my dad has is very nice looking. Not like that picture at all. And not as good looking as my PowerBook :D
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