Powerbook 550 Shortage


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Oct 24, 2001
Does anyone have any idea when to expect a jump in the Powerbook. No where I've looked has any in stock and they don't know when they will get them. I am looking to get the ibook from my school cause of the great prices, but when a new product comes down, they will drop the 550 price to something that is more affordable for me. I would really love the G4 for a lot of the things I'm looking to do but not right now. It seems the best thing for me to do right now would be to get a G4 iMac with SuperDrive in a couple of months and an iBook G3 12 inch combo for the portability that I will need right now. I can do all of the editing at home but need the portability of a computer to travel. Does this sound like an insane idea or would this be a good choice? The superdrive really attracts me to the new iMac. Since I can't get one on the G4 Powerbook, I think I should go the way I'm thinking. Could someone please let me know if I'm doing this all wrong. Oh and by the way, this will be my first Mac purchase. Ever since I started reading these columns and looking for a notebook, I've fell in love. I want them all!!!:)


good for apple, bad for you...

Not surprised you can't find a 550 TiBook: as far as I know they've stopped making them. They have been superseded by the hi-end model which, in addition to the internal tweaks (CPU, faster system bus, etc.), is also housed in a slightly different case (extra vent on the back, less springy keyboard mount, etc.).

To me this implies that the 550 processor is to be phased out definitively along with the old case components. (Unless one manufacturer is still producing these things as the end of a contract run - which would mean there might be a few more yet). The fact that your store doesn't know when they will get another shipment means that Apple expects the few 550s left to sell at full price, right where they already are (no need to spread them around the market trying to flog them as remainders, as they sometimes have to).

All of which is good news for Apple's budget statement, but potentially bad for yours. (Unless I'm totally wrong about this, I don't work for Apple, or anything).

If you are a student, teacher, or know one who would pose as you, try Apple's online Education Store. They often get a load of soon-to-be-obsolete stuff at 'special' prices. My wife (who IS a techer, honest) got a great deal on a Pismo last year by being in the right e-place at the right time.


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Jul 16, 2001
Fashion Island Apple Store Sold Out

I was recently at the Apple Store in Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA and the salesman said that he did not have any 550's in stock, but had received several shipments of 667's.

So long 550...Hello $2299 667!!!


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Jun 15, 2001
Marion, Ohio
No...the superdrive is a CD-RW/DVD-R.....one can write to a dvd and rewrite to CDs. Hope you understand that now. That is why CD-Rs can only be written to once. That is the same with DVD-Rs.
DVD-ROM drives can read from DVDs and CDs, but not write to them like DVD-R drives.

Where did you learn about your optical drives????? And that guy was BSing you about the TiBook with a DVD-R drive. No DVD-R drives have been made that small yet and there are definately no custom made systems with those specs. Maybe the guy just made a mistake....or maybe he is being dumb. Either way, it doesn't happen, not even ones thin enough for Sony Vio's slim dock. And Apple's TiBook is thinner than even that.

Satan uses a peecee

that ****** was talking about an EXTERNAL drive option.

its bogus.

sorry about that. Whats different about the new iBooks drive combo compared to the high end ti book?
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