PowerBook: 768mb or 1.28gig? generic ram?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by phil not bill!, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. phil not bill! macrumors newbie

    Aug 28, 2004
    I'm going to buy a 12" powerbook. Stock combo drive. YAY!
    Being a student money is of course an issue. So I'm going to buy my ram aftermarket.

    The big question is wheither or not to shell out the extra for the 1gig dim of ram. I've always advocated having as much ram as possible. and have reaped the benefits. However, the 1gig dimm is quite expensive... I am a graphic designer who will not be using the computer as a workhorse, but it will get a bit of a workout, as I'm a pretty big multi tasker and a demanding user.

    Generic ram and other more well known brands? Anyone had bad experiences? I can get
    Corsair 1GB VS1GSDS333 for $500(aud)
    Corsair 512MB CMXSD512-2700LL for $190 (aud)
    so it's really an extra $120 for having the single 1gb dim.
    Anyone had experince with Corsair ram?

    There might be signifigantly cheaper no-name brands about, any advice comments and suggestions would be welcome.

  2. saabmp3 macrumors 6502a

    Jul 22, 2002
    Tacoma, WA
    I'm a student too and decided that the gig chip just wasn't worth the premium over a 512. Unless your using it for business, it's just alot of money :(

  3. cb911 macrumors 601


    Mar 12, 2002
    BrisVegas, Australia
    well, i got the 1GB chip (in addition to 512MB :D) and i'd say do it. they're alot cheaper now as well.

    i do have an interesting story... i got the cheapest RAM i could find, from my Apple re-seller in Brisbane that i usually go to (no, not NextByte. it's Infinite Systems, really good people there. :D) anyway, i was in Sydney at the time, so they posted it down, and the chip didn't work. :( so when i got back to Brissie, i took it in and their techies tested it, it was a dud chip. but this is where it gets interesting. this was very soon after the 15" AlBook was released, and there were alot of people gettin 'bad' RAM. there was some talk the Apple changed the RAM specs of the AlBooks at the last moment and didn't tell some of the manufacturers, so there were whole batches of RAM that just wouldn't work with AlBooks. well, i think that's what happened to me.

    but the guys at Infinite didn't know any of this, so i ended up getting a genuine 1GB stick of Apple RAM, to replace my defective stick. :D at the time, i bought the RAM for about ~$650(AUD), and Apple RAM was around ~$900(AUD). so that was a pretty sweet deal. :cool:

    from what i've seen, $500 looks like a good price. go for it if you can afford it. :)

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