powerbook screen scratches and battery issues

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by tanuki, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. tanuki macrumors newbie

    Jul 26, 2004
    hello all. i bought my first mac on ebay last week. a 667mhz powerbook. it's working out great so far except for a couple issues...

    1) there are some scratches on the screen that the seller said must have happened during shipping. they're surface scratches, but pretty noticeable (a little deeper than fingernail scratches). this isn't making the pb unusable, but it's just kind of annoying. i was looking into trying this stuff on the screen to maybe fill in/repair the scratches and was just wondering if anyone has used something like this. if so what were the results?

    2) i think the battery is a dud. if i pop it out and pop it back in it is dectected, but i don't think it's being charged. after about 10 minutes it's suddenly undetected and obviously not charging. i've zapped the pram and tried the battery update, but neither seemed to help. there is one light constantly on on the battery and that is it. is the battery dead? if so where is a good place to buy a new one?

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    Nov 7, 2003
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    Mar 1, 2004
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    Hi Tanuki,

    It seems hard to believe that some serious scratches would occur during shipping. There would have to be something moving freely in the box, and it would require some pressure for it too do serious damage. If it is driving you crazy, then I would see if you can send it back. If the seller is not willing to work with you, and you purchased via a credit card, I would contact your CC rep and see what can be done. Did you see pictures of the PB before you bought it? Did they show the LCD screen, and if yes, were they clear enough to see scratches? I am not saying that the seller is lying, but it is possible. And it is also possible that it happened during shipping, but it seems unlikely (too me at least). It all comes down to "can you live with it"..

    As for the battery, it is probably dead. I had the same problem on an old Thinkpad. i would recognize that a battery was there, but would not charge it, and it would not hold a charge.

  4. tanuki thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 26, 2004
    it was packed well. the seller said he had another screen and will send it to me to swap out, then i'll send the current one back. he's being very co-operative. i got the email from him shortly after posting this thread. as for the battery i mentioned it to him as well, but he didn't comment on it. if he replaces the screen then i'll let the battery slide. he also forgot to send the airport card, and sent me a g3 power adapter instead. so he's sending the card and $80 for the cost of me having to buy a new power adapter. overall the whole transaction hasn't gone as smooth as it could have, but he seems honest and is going above and beyond what he has to do.

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