PowerBook SuperDrive supposedly fits earlier models

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by medea, Dec 6, 2002.

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    The SuperDrive unit in the new 1 GHz PowerBook works in some earlier laptops, according to technicians and support reps with Apple service centers.
    While the built-in DVD-R SuperDrive is available only with the top-end PowerBook, it has the same form factor and cable connection as the Combo drive. This was first indicated not only by Apple service documentation, but by the parts list for the new PowerBooks -- only one connector cable is offered for the optical drive.
    One technician confirmed this by installing a SuperDrive into earlier 667 MHz and 800 MHz PowerBook models, the last generation. The drive worked fine after the switch. Theoretically, the SuperDrive could also be installed in PowerBooks the next generation back, the 550/667 MHz models, by switching the flex cable that connects the drive to the logic board.
    This means little for older PowerBook owners, however. If Apple wanted to institute a SuperDrive upgrade program for owners of earlier models, the company would probably face no technical barriers. But such a program would be very, very unlikely: It would, of course, hurt sales of the new models, and be inconsistent with past practices.
    Early this year Apple did offer a $299 Combo drive upgrade program for owners of 550/667 MHz PowerBooks, but only because Combo-drive PowerBooks were released so soon after the preceding models, prompting complaints from the first buyers. The Combo drive did not fit in the first 400/500 MHz PowerBooks, according to Apple.
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    This is good news, although I'm not suprised.

    I'll bet that it'll fit in the Cube also, but the question is, when are we going to see the drive itself for sale?
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    Well depends how strict apple is on relsellers. Because they can just order parts. What's to stop them from ordering 15 extra?

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