Powerbook <tear> for sale


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Jan 14, 2005
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I have a hard time understanding why your parents would complain that you earned your own money and added it to theirs in order to get something even better. It's not like they bought you the iBook, you sold it, and THEN upgraded. I would think they'd applaud your initiative.

Sorry to hear about the situation. Good luck.


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Mar 2, 2005

With that kickbutt configuration, I wouldn't give it back for anything! Hey, you paid for the rest right? Just ask you parent's for "forgiveness" and keep it! :D


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Feb 22, 2005
Gah! Plymouth
yeah i would just keep it if i were you, you earned the more money its your choice what to buy, keep it.

Just tell them "tough luck, its what i got" Because they wont be able to do anything with it


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Oct 5, 2004
It could be much worse (as always) if you had not used
their gift for the new computer (for instance, getting a trip to Europe instead).

It could also be very sad if you have decided to get a Celeron/Semprom
laptop instead.

And...the config you chose is the best available, proving that
you did know what is the best.

You should calm down and speak with them.



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Feb 14, 2003
I hate to break it to you, but noone in their right mind will pay that much for it.

I understand it costs more from the Apple store, but I could buy the EXACT SAME machine without the 512 stick, buy the stick from Crucial, and install it for 30 bucks less than you're asking.

AND your machine, no matter how good condition it's in, is still open box.

That being said... I'll pay you 2,400 for it :)


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Jan 20, 2003
tell them...

If I were you I would tell them that you would lose a lot of your money that you paid for it by reselling it. I doubt you will get your asking price so I would convince them that you would lose ~$400-$500. Which is probably what you will lose by selling it. Also explain to them that you can't return it to apple.

Or come up with something such as: this computer will last longer in the long run because it's the top of the line and you won't have to upgrade in another 2-3 years. Apple computers in my opinion last forever and you should get the top of the line because it will be compatible with future OS's longer.

Anyways you can convince them, point out all of the qualities of the two laptops...

Best of luck,



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Mar 21, 2004
Go show them how good it is, maybe take them a apple store and show them a side-by side comparison, and show them that you worked hard that you should have the top of the line product


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Apr 4, 2005
Dallas, TX
i mean if it comes to anything else, @least talk to them and tell them you will take their money as a loan and pay them back in time. That way you can keep your machine instead of getting rid of it and being unhappy with an ibook. I would think if you really sat down and talked with them you could work something out to where you could keep it. I doubt your parents would want you to turn around and sell it and lose a whole bunch of money. I don't see anything wrong with them giving you the money AS A GIFT and you adding money to the pot and hence getting your powerbook. I mean and if the loan thing doesn't work or if you don't want to do that....HONESTLY what will they do if you don't sell it? just tell them you will be there slave for the whole summer or something, then they will forget and that's that. wait on selling it, give it awhile and let them get over it. goodluck let us know what happens....


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Jan 19, 2005
Yes, you should definitely persuade them to let you keep it. Tell them it's not that you didn't appreciate their gift -- their wonderful contribution bought you your DREAM machine -- but that it just made it so much better. Tell them that this is better for school and will last longer :p.

If you really do have to sell it, I'd be really interested, but unfortunately I can't offer you $2600 :(. I'm actually planning on buying the exact same setup this weekend, except the 80GB HD and 512 RAM (for now) to save money. Anyways, I'd feel EVIL taking that away from you....I hope you can work it out with your parents, because that is one sweet setup!

You go to U of Chicago?? That's so cool. What's your major? Chicago is my #1 or #2 choice (can't decide between it and NYU) when I start applying next year, be interesting to hear from another student's perspective.


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Oct 19, 2004
just a thought

Somewhat along the lines of what Nuc suggested, prepare an elaborate spreadsheet, with charts and graphs, showing in detail the projected longevity of your PB, compared to that of a base model 12" iBook (base to make the comparison look even better). Show them how in fact smart you were for having avoided the need to buy a new computer in 2 years to replacing your sagging iBook ... as you use your PB into a glorious 3rd or even 4th year of compatibility with all the latest annd greatest software, etc.

No, of course I don't believe all of my own hype as I'm suggesting above, but you could do something like this to show them what you were thinking, and why it was not a bad decision after all. To put it simply, you should try to show them that you paid more to get more, and that a computer with more will in turn allow you to do more, for more time. And more is better, right?


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Sep 6, 2003
Sure he lives in NC, he's just in Itialy for business because the widow of a statesman left millions, and he'll ship from there. :D


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Mar 29, 2004
Shacklebolt said:
I wish I could show themhow good it is...

But they're in Connecticut and I'm in Chicago (University of Chicago)
So, why don't you just outrightly lie to them? ;-) Would they know the difference between an iBook and a PowerBook when they see it? Tell them you sent it back and you have an iBook now ;-)


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Jan 6, 2004
jimsowden said:
Sure he lives in NC, he's just in Itialy for business because the widow of a statesman left millions, and he'll ship from there. :D
huuuWHAT? What is this supposed to mean?


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Mar 17, 2004
Melenkurion Skyweir
Well... if they gave me a giftcard for a Volkswagon, to which I can add my own money, for a Mercedes... Well, hell yeah I would go for a Mercedes! I mean, if the person REALLY wants me to get a Volkswagon for one reason or other, why didn't he get the Volkswagon himself, instead of giving me a giftcard?

Keep it, man. I thought you're in high school or something, but dude you're in university. You can do whatever you damn well please (well within reason :) ).


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Oct 28, 2001
Greensboro, NC
The situation you are in kind of sucks, but personally I think your parents have something to learn here. We all hate disappointing our parents, but in this case I would say they are the ones that are being a bit childish.

What you did is an intelligent, enterprising thing to do. Sure, you could have gotten the iBook, but instead you took their much appreciated money and added to your well earned money to get yourself what you wanted. Spending a bit of extra money to be happy is always worth it. I say this from experience.

I personally think your parents should realize that without their money, you wouldn't have been able to purchase exactly what you desired.


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Mar 13, 2004
Yeah, so you need to talk to your parents. I mean, you go to a university and your parents don't trust you to make decisions on your own?


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Sep 11, 2003
tell them you cant send it back because its custom and you cant sell it without losing about $100 (in my experience). they wouldnt make you sell it then would they?