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  1. klyau6 macrumors member

    Jan 19, 2004
    i know Powerbook updates are supposedly "around the corner," and I see the buyers guide recommends "Do Not Buy-Updates soon" at the moment....but I have a few questions as to how the process works...

    -When the line does get updated (lets say, anything other than G5 because from the looks of this forum and what people have been speculating, I don't think it will happen anytime soon), do the prices stay the same as they are now?

    -Lets say, miraculously, that the G5 PB's DO make their grand entrance on their next update...How much do the G4 laptops decrease in price usually? Do they sell out really quickly? (Because if this is the case, and G5's do come out, I'm more interested in getting the discounted G4). Additionally, I am assuming that the Powerbook prices will go up when the G5's come out. Is this correct?

    -Finally, assuming that Powerbook prices will go up when the G5 comes out, for someone who wants a G4 and has no intention of spending any more than what the current prices are at now, should I just stop waiting around for the new updates since I don't want a G5, and go ahead and purchase it now? (Or after this next update, if it's just a speed increase or something, am I better off just going ahead and getting a PB then...)

    Thanks for anyone's input! :)
  2. jxyama macrumors 68040


    Apr 3, 2003
    1) prices will probably stay around the same. depending on the extent of the update, they may even come down.

    2) i highly doubt G5 PB to be coming out anytime soon. but when it's released, if PM is any indication, they will probably streamline G4 PB line and continue to offer them at a slight discount?

    3) if you see no need for a G5 PB, then i'd just get a G4 PB. ideally, we'd know the next update and purchase right after but it's anyone's guess when it will happen. it could be as late as this summer, WWDC, perhaps. apple seems to be concentrating on iPod/mini/music stuff right now and whether that's good enough excuse or not, hardware line seems to be lagging behind. coupled with the NAB announcement, it could be a while before any hardware update will see the top page of apple.com. i'd bet on a new form factor iMac is their first priority right now, next to PM speed bump. PB is relatively doing ok considering 15" Al PB is still somewhat novel...

    whenever you buy it, you'll be happy with it... PB is one kick butt machine...

    have you checked refurb PBs? there are a lot of choices right now, rev. A and B Al PBs as well as Ti!
  3. dudeami macrumors regular

    Feb 4, 2004
    Prices do tend to stay the same for Apple's direct sales line-up. For example if Apple carries three different lines of Powerbooks, the upgraded high-end, mid-range, and low-end configurations will typically still be around the same price as those same levels were with the old configurations. However Apple's resellers typically have stock of the old line that they will reduce the price on in order to clear the older inventory. So if you are looking at a 17" 1.33 GHz and Apple releases a 17" 1.5 GHz laptop, then the resellers usually will sell that 1.33 GHz at a reduced price.

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