Powermac G5 Quad 2.5, 1000 GB, Nvidia Quadro 512?


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Oct 31, 2005
Twin Cities, MN
Hey guys. I've got a friend who is trying to sell me his Powermac he won in a raffle at work (web design company). Anyway, it's still sealed (b/c he hasn't opened it), and under the 1 year Apple Warranty I guess. Here are the rest of the specs:

2 dual-core 2.5GHz PowerPC G5 processors 1.25GHz frontside bus per processor
1MB L2 cache per core 8GB of 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-4200)
2x500GB Serial ATA hard drive
16x SuperDrive (double-layer)
Three open PCI-Express expansion slots NVIDIA QUADRO FX with 512MB GDDR SDRAM

Now, the 1000 gb hard drive, 8 gb memory, and quadro 512 card really up the value don't they? We're friends, so I'm trying to convince him to get me a good deal. Here's my question(s):
1) How much should I attempt to get him to sell it to me for realistically?
2) How much do you guys think it's really worth in the market? (via eBay, CL, etc?)

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your response! HELP ME! :D


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Aug 17, 2003
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daneoni said:
Apple still sells that machine for $7,324 plus tax and shipping. If it is really unopened, then it came from Apple that way. It is the ultimate machine for running non-Universal apps, and to some pros it is worth the price Apple asks. $1999 is way too low if you ask me. Even susbstituting third-party RAM and hard drives, it would cost $6000 to buy that machine right now. I think it's worth over $5000 brand new, unopened on the open market.


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Feb 10, 2006
Veritas&Equitas said:
So any answers to my first question? :)
It all depends on how gulible your friend is, as well as his knowledge of the computer market and your willingness to lowball him.

A "fair" price would be 5000-7000. Since you are friends maybe he'll go a bit lower, but you aren't going to see anything under 4000, no way no how.


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Aug 7, 2005
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$5,000 is fair. He got the machine for free, so it's money he wouldn't otherwise have. Secondly he's your friend so he has to hook you up, ya know? ;) Very nice machine, I am so jealous.