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    Apple's shiny new PowerMacintosh G5 tower is perhaps the most exquisitely designed professional computer ever produced. With its gleaming aluminum colored surfaces, its shining details, and smartly detailed front panel, this is as much a work of art as it is a computer. And, works of art do not belong on the floor.

    The PowerPerch works with all models of the newest PowerPC 970 based G5 Power Macintosh. And, it actually looks great under an older Graphite, QuickSilver, or MDD Power Macintosh G4, as well. The PowerPerch is designed specifically to complement the footprint of the new G5 Power Macintosh towers, and secures the tower at the rear of the cart with an upturned acrylic tab... no concern about your G5 sliding off the back of the PowerPerch is needed. The PowerPerch lifts the front of your G5 tower by about 8-inches, and the rear by about 5-inches, tilting your tower back just enough to more clearly display its good looks, as well as to make the front located ports and drive bays more easily accessible.
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    Way to go Jack...

    Now that is the funniest G5 Mac advertisement I've seen recently.

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