PowerPoint 2008...back in the game?

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    Description:: The new overhaul to PPT 2008 has put it back in the game with Keynote. Though it's still missing decent transitions and effects, it has several features that Keynote users have been asking for.

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    Yeah, I looked at it and it's pretty impressive. If you hadn't already moved to Keynote (which is superior still) - Powerpoint would be a valid option.
  3. Scott24 macrumors newbie

    Feb 5, 2008
    To be fair as much as I love keynote for the sheer style, powerpoint is a lot more friendly if doing live presenting stuff where lots different files need to be switched between. For example, when using song words. Keynote still can't do that well, but powerpoint 2004 could, and I assume 2008 is the same but I don't have it yet.
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    True but...

    True, but if you're using it to project song lyrics, you might want to try ProPresenter (www.renewedvision.com) instead and switch back to Keynote or PPT for sermon notes. ProPresenter can do things like run looping backgrounds under text and allow you to change them independently from the lyrics (meaning, you can change loops with fade transitions at any time). It also holds your song library, so you don't have to have massive amounts of PPT file or one big one that you have to use search to find slides in.
  5. Orng macrumors 6502

    Jul 23, 2007
    Powerpoint will always be reviled as long as Powerpoint users think they need to gouge out my eyes with bullet-point-riddled dog's breakfast slides full of clipart and more information than I would read if had a printout of the slides to myself... and then proceed to stand there and read the slides aloud without even facing the listeners. Why did you make me come to this meeting if you're just going to read slides at me, send me an email and I'll read it myself! If you need cue cards, get cue cards and stop wasting electricity! Sheesh!

    And don't think Keynote is exempt from this, it's great as long as a zen minimalist like Jobs is prepping the slides, but in the hands of Joe Corporate, it has just as much potential for producing unbearable abominations as Powerpoint, even if the transitions are groovier.

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