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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by BlackGem, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. BlackGem macrumors newbie

    Jul 30, 2003
    I have a project for class that requires me to show parts of a movie. I would like (and the teacher recamended this but not required) to put the video peices into the powerpoint presentation. What would be the best way (I have the movie on DVD and SVCD) to get a peice of the movie into it, is there a easy was or is it going to requre a lot of work?

    and if you can give me an apr amount of time using a powerbook g4, 833, 640mb ram.

    thnak you.
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    Aug 22, 2003
    Powerpoint is a pain my !#! when i comes to movies

    I have done alot of powerpoint stuff and it is a pain with movies. Problem #1. If your teacher has a PC make sure is works on PC before give the presentation or do i on you mac. I find that for some reason PCs have a hard time playing quicktime stuff in powerpoint even if the pc has quick time. Problem #2. DVD -> MOV. You are going to need to get OSeX to extract your dvd. You will get(depending on your extracting options) a vob file, or a m2v and AC3 (Not ACC) files. Here comes the fun part i know if you use a program call media pipe you can take a m2v(which is MPEG2) and convert it into a quicktime format that you can import into iMovie. Optional you can do this with quicktime if you by the MPEG2 decoder from apple, and quicktime pro. You will also need to convert the AC3 to ACC or MP3 so you can sync it back with the video track in Imovie. After you have everything in imovie you can then edit the sceen you want. Problem #3. DVD m2v files are very large if you don't watch it, take a long to to convert to m2v->mov and even then large mov files take for ever to import in to imovie. Your best bet is to narrow down the chapter that your scene is in a rip only that chapter. this can be done is OSex.

    As for time, you G4 altivec is going to help alot! But you are still looking at very involved process. One more note, this is using all free tools. If you have any pro tool. ie final cut, or even the quicktime stuff, things might go alot quicker. O ya and media pipe is a pain to work as well. It always crashes if you do the wrong stuff, and there is minmial documentation. O well free software

    Good luck

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