Pre 10.1 screenshot sites


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May 24, 2002
'Toba, Canada
does anyone know where i can find screens of osx (pre 10.1) (as in osx beta - b4 10.1), i never really got a chance to see osx looked like much till 10.1 was released..


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Jul 16, 2002
New Zealand
If you really want I can install it and take pictures of the stuff that you want. It was rather slow. Only problem is that nothing will work with it. Office etc. as you have to have 10.1 or later. if you want me to.


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Apr 14, 2002
bat country
10.0 looked exactly the same as 10.1, it was just a little bit slower and a little bit less stable. the only huge cosmetic change was that in column view, folders did not have the gray arrow to the right of them, so if something had a custom icon, you could not tell if it was a folder or just a doc/app. it also lacked the ability to position the dock on screen or select the scale effect, but tinkertool made all of this possible anyway. all in all, 10.0 did not look much different at all. i'd be interested to see some public beta shots, as i believe the apple menu was in the middle of the menu bar and it had that nifty looking music player with the coolest icon i've ever seen.
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