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iPhone 12 Pro Pre-ordering the new iPhone 12 series

Neel Desai

macrumors newbie
Original poster
Oct 15, 2020
Hello guys, this is my first time buying an iPhone ever. although the 12 pro max is supposed to go on pre-orders on 6th of november. but i'd really like to get some tips on pre-orders to get it on launch day. So i have some questions. Please do answer them.

P.S: I am switching from android to iPhone so i dont have the apple app store faster checkout option. also I am in UK.

1. What are the chances of me getting my iphone on launch day? What should i do to make the best possible chance to get it on release day.

2. Which is better shipping or in-store pickup? ( i would like to get the apple store experience although it costs me the whole day, but if shipping is faster i am surely going for that)

3. Are there any delays, or earlies in pre-orders? so if the pre-orders start at 1 PM here. from when should i go on page and start refreshing and what should be the refreshing intervals?

4. I have already decided the storage model and color i want. should i make a bookmark of that specific page with the options pre-selected?

5. If i manage to order it within the first 15 minutes when the pre-order starts will i get it on launch day? the launch day 13th Friday i am also ok getting it on 14th or the 15th even if i go the store.

6. If I do choose to camp it out. What should be the earliest time i arrive at the store? I am currently thinking the day before the launch day at about 8 PM. I guess even if we are about 30th-50th in line we could receive our phones on launch day? and also considering due to pandemic there would be less line?

Please answer them. and any other valuable information is really appreciated.seeing the previous years videos and stuff i am really hyped and scared to miss out on the launch day phone as the next week i have a trip planned and would love to use the new camera while on the trip. ABSOLUTELY ANy USEFUL INFO IS REALLY APPRECIATED.
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