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    Oct 13, 2002
    seattle, wa
    today in world geography during a break in class I preached the word of apple computing and so forth on to a pc nut. i started off saying.. you probably think its overpriced..underpowered. gave him the megahertz mean jack, told him they run at different speeds based on bit rate; since he is a gamer he asked if the video sucked and i asked him if he had ever heard of RADEON :) And then i basically kept on talking about how similarly powered and featured computers cost about the same as their mac counterparts.

    and i ended with the ibook g3 is a great comp because it runs at about the same speed as the other competing 999 dollar pc laptops. it has great software capabilities, its pretty light, great supersharp screen and a nice 20gig hdd. PLUS ITUNES AND IMOVIE! so I ended with that and guess what he said well now I can go tell myfriends to **** about the G4 being overpriced and underpowered etc..

    thanks me.
    Guess how it all started? They asked me why on earth I would want the new ibooks and then I said..
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    Jul 9, 2000
    last week, the pc guys could have shot you down on the price argument and won

    but now, at $999, we have a low price on our side with a pretty decent machine in the entry level ibook

    if my current rev. a ibook dies or just gets too plain obsolete for me, then i will buy the $999 ibook

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