Preparing to move to iCloud and GoDaddy for my sites etc.

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Soundhound, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Soundhound, Feb 8, 2012
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    I read a Macrumors post (included below) which I think is from someone at Godaddy, regarding what I seems like a good idea - making backups for my currently MobileMe hosted sites as I get ready to move to GoDaddy, and also as I get ready to switch over to iCloud. I know that MobileMe will continue to host the sites until June, but I'm wanting to move to iCloud fairly soon.

    Does anyone know if doing this will just be making a copy of the materials in the sites? I won't be removing the original materials from the MobileMe hosted site, right?

    Just wanted to be sure.

    Here's the post I'm referring to. Thanks!:

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    Yes, all that does is give you a copy in a folder on your computer. It won't touch the copy on your iDisk.

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    Perfecto. Thanks!


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