Preview documents not updated


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Feb 3, 2020
I am currently using Macbook pro 2017 Touch Bar that is on the Mojave OS. I do most of my work on Preview (10.1). I have noticed recently that my preview does not load the latest document version. For example, I made my edits on my preview document on 30/1/2020. However, when I opened the very same document again the next day on 31/1/2020, it does not load the edits that i have made on 30/1/2020. Instead, it showed edits from a much earlier version. Therefore, every time before I can do my work, I had to manually check if the preview document is on the latest version. If it is not, I will need to revert manually. Is there any way I can correct this issue?

***This is not the first time this had happened. I had even done a clean reinstallation of my Mojave OS in my bid to solve this problem.

***I do not wish to update my OS to Catalina just because of this preview issue. I have a number of 32-bit apps that I need for my work.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.