Previoius Rape statistics quoted for the UK were unreliable.

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    A while back there were a number of articles that produced quite a polarised perspective of the supposed failings of the criminal justice system in the UK when it dealt with this type of prosecution.

    However, I thought the figures quoted seemed a little unbelievable, and it turns out that they were;

    It seems that Harriet Harman decided to be a little creative with the figures in an effort to highlight the issues and put pressure on the CPS. However this move seems to have backfired by demoralising complainants.

    It remains that Rape case convictions are nevertheless low and are no doubt very difficult cases to bring to trail, but the inference and focus appeared to show that if a man was not convicted after being prosecuted for rape that the system had failed, -rather than the man actually being innocent and in some cases the 'victim' having been consensual and or it being a false allegation.

    If we are to have a system that assumes innocence until any guilt is proven, we need to stop pigeon holing and politicising offences, engineering statistics and stopping politicians tinkering with the mechanics of trail.

    I have to add that in addition, given the harm of a false accusation, they should provide anonymity to those being prosecuted, with details only being disclosed upon a guilty verdict.

    Another article, following on by the Times;
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    Well yes, an alarming number of rapes cases are dropped before reaching court.

    Which is still pretty low as its a "liberal" estimate.

    Worth pointing out.

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