Price of new computers(G5s, ibooks, powebooks)?


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Nov 12, 2001
Anyone have an idea regarding how much the new comuters will go for after mac world?

Ive never been in the market for a mac before, so Im curious to know if prices will be approximately the same as the current versions or if the will be slightly higher?

Any ideas?

What about the past, what has been "typical"?

This lack of competition for apple hardware makes things kindof interesting (in a not so good way).


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA

I would guess that prices would stay about the same as they are now... There are rumors of a G5 comming out and that the price to produce them is high so Apple may have serveral Models. The G5 may cost a little more than normal for the first few months. but its just a rummor that they are going to ship. Lots of stuff points to a faster G4 comming out insted.



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Dec 6, 2001
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Typically, before a release of a new product, or an upgrade of hardware, Apple does some price cutting, dont they? I just got the 550 Powerbook about a month ago, but had my wallet out about three weeks (?cant remember exact times) before that on the 500, because they were the only ones out. However, there was a price cut, so I knew new ones would be coming out soon. So, I waited for about a month, the new ones came out, and I spent the same amount of money for a better computer. The prices stayed the same, but just for better models.

Point is, a top end Mac right now will cost "x" amount, and when news ones come out, they typically cost the same for the top model, but the top model is just better. Get it? I think (not sure) its called a horizontal product shift. The price stays the same across the board, but the technology moves up. Not so bad of a practice if you are a consumer who is buying right when they shift. It SUCKS if you buy right before the shift, thats for sure.
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