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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 31, 2009.

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    I've found that pictures (my home taken pictures) on a Mac are simply sometimes too perfect for them to be modified. However, that comes at the eye expertise of a real amateur in photography.

    However, I've been trying lately Aperture and have come to like it in many ways. I'm still learning a lot of it since I'm learning the trial and error way. (I've found that my best & fastest way of learning software; I do read guides after I feel comfortable using the app) In any case, a PC can do photo editing too, but it requires that extra application you never planned on buying where as a Mac comes wit iPhoto, which is perfect for amateurs like me. (people who don't need Aperture but use it)

    I can see the writer's point of Mac v PC prices, but he clearly makes a point in how Macs are valued differently; specially with that Lord of the Rings comparison. I strongly agree with the writer in terms of iPhoto's picture management. I hate having 2 copies of the same picture in my Hard Drive. I like it simple. iPhoto should just link itself to the folder where the pictures it holds are. Then again, Apple might have a strong reason for this.

    The real question to me regarding this article is, are you Pro enough to handle a Mac?
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    It will. It's a preference setting just like iTunes.
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    AND if you use iPhoto for importing your photos, there won't be 2 copies anyway. If you're going to use an app for photo management, use it. Use it completely. After you've taken 5000 photos of your 2 year old, you realize that importing and categorizing photos on your own in folders is ridiculous. They need to be in one big window you can scroll through or sort by some metadata.

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