"Pro-Troop Charity" - really a Republican RipOff

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by vrDrew, Aug 5, 2014.

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    If there was one story that neatly encapsulates everything that is wrong with today's GOP, this would be it:

    Move Forward America, an ostensibly "support our troops" charity manages to rip off not just the soldiers it purports to support, the good-hearted donors it cons money out of, and the American taxpayers who subsidize its cheating ways.

    Read the whole article at Propublica.org.

    But keep this story in mind next time you hear some Republican blowhard rambling on about the IRS "scandal." This story actually made me feel sorry for the IRS. Because dealing with crooks like these people, wrapping themselves in fake Patriotism and "Support our Troops" b/s - while lining their pockets - while claiming to be a charity, that is the real scandal.

    Oh, and not to worry: The usual Republican idiots, from Sean Hannity to Sarah Palin - feature prominently at Move Forward "TroopaThons". Grifters one and all.

    No wonder the Republicans want to cut IRS funding: Simply makes it easier for their criminal consultants to steal more money.
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    Looking at the financials of many so-called charities would leave you sick to your stomach.

    America's Worst Charities

    Some of them actually spend more raising money than they raise. And you want to feel sorry for them, until you see the tens of millions (or, in some cases, over $100 million) they spend on solicitation.

    I mean seriously...how much can it possibly cost to have a company call people for donations? In the case of "Kids Wish Network", only 3 cents of each dollar actually goes to sick children, and about 86 cents of every dollar raised goes to private solicitors, to the tune of over $10 million per year. Others currently owe millions to solicitors even after raising millions per year. So essentially, people are donating money to what they think is a great cause, when it does little but go into the hands of solicitation companies.

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