Problems with my iPhone 5 ambient sensor

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mrmarts, Jul 20, 2013.

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    Hey Guys

    This is second iPhone 5 i have had with the same issue. Every time my ambient light sensor adjusts to suit the environment the screen begins to flicker in the background this is only noticeable on a background with text i.e. Notes or Safari.

    I have contacted Apple support after preforming a soft reset and a factory reinstall. And the senior consultant has advised me to turn off my ambient sensor and adjust the brightness to half way. This has done the trick and the flickering is gone.

    My question is has anyone else experienced this problem before?, is it a common issue? I have previously read in the forums of the iphone 5 display flickering in the iTunes store while downloading items but mine seems different. I am hoping to get another replacement, as it strains my eyes when I am looking at text for lengthy periods.

    Any feedback would be appreciated to help strengthen my case when i speak the senior advisor on Monday.
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    I don't use the ambient light sensor as it always seems to adjust the brightness in a way that makes my phone harder to read. I like the brightness as one constant level and so I have mine turned off.

    When I did have it enabled I did not notice what you're going through.

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