Problems with Office Updater (maybe 10.1.5 too)


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Apr 20, 2002
Los Angeles

Got a bit of a problem here. Just downloaded OS X updater, and naturally, I followed with the Office updater. Problem is that when I click on the desktopm icon, OfficeXSR1UpdaterEN.bin, in order to Unstuff it and carry on with the update, the application Toast Titanium launches. Toast wants me to burn the .bin file to a disk, I guess. What's the deal here? Never had this probelm before on the previous Office update...hence, I can't complete the update

Just to note:
1) When I updated to 10.1.5, the appearance (for the overall look of buttons, menus andn windows) reverted to default blue, while previously had been set to graphite.
2) additionly, the clock setting revereted to military time, and I can't change back to normal 12 hour scale.
3) yes, I have rebooted
4) yes, I have tried redownloading the Office update

Please, your help will be greatly appreciated!



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Jan 19, 2002
Drop it onto Stuffit Expander, or crtl click (if you have the full StuffIt package) and choose expand from the StuffIt entry in the contextual menu.

I beleive the root of this problem is that M$ has named the file .binary (which associates with Toast), instead of .bin (which associates with StuffIt).

You're on your own with the clock!


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Nov 28, 2001
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nipsy's got your back on the .binary file. so ill cover the clock. go to your international preference panel (dumb place for it huh?) click on the "time" tab and you wills ee the option to toggle 12 or 24 hour time.