Procedure of pairing to a new phone.

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by yegon, Nov 9, 2017.

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    I’ve moved my watch to a new phone before when I got a 7 Plus, but I believe the procedure has changed a little bit hasn’t it? I saw a screenshot about pairing to new phone a few weeks ago that I’d not seen before, just want to make sure I’m doing it correctly later when my X arrives.

    Anyone have a step by step guide for the process with iOS11? There’s loads relating to iOS10 but I want to be sure I’m using the most up to date way.

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    These are the latest instructions the Apple will guide you through to pair your Apple Watch and iPhone:
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    Excellent, thanks a lot. Couldn’t seem to find it, duh.
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    How did it go, OP?

    People have reported mixed success with the setup wizard's transfer thing. It didn't work for me, personally - I have two Watches and it didn't ask me to move either of them!

    The good news is that Watch backups are saved much more proactively these days, so even if you set up your new iPhone without first unpairing your Watch from the old one, it should still have a recent backup on your new iPhone, in case the setup assistant fails to transfer properly (or at all).
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    It didn’t ask me so I had go to the watch app and then start the process. I was worried it had failed horribly at one stage but everything was fine and smooth in the end.
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    If this doesn't work, simply unpair the watch from the watch app, take a backup of the phone, restore it to the new phone, then pair the watch through app and restore from backup when prompted.
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    If you are restoring a new phone from a backup of an existing phone that has an Apple Watch paired to it there should be no reason to unpair. Part of the restoring process will ask if you would like to use your watch with the new phone. The watch will then reset and will be paired automatically. It also removes it from the old phone. I have done this twice recently as my work phone was broken and replacement phone from the insurance company was a refurb that didn’t work properly.

    I’m not sure if it will prompt you if you set up a phone as new. As far as I know it’s tied to the restore process.

    Restoring new phone from iCloud backup prompts watch pairing.

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