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    Well it does work but it is not a snug fit at all... the width is still the same but the 5 is much thinner than the 4/4s so there is some play/wiggle. If the phone doesn't move around too much I will stick with it, if it starts to bother me or move/vibrate I will replace it with a proper fitting model.
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    ... and for those that were using passthrough holders

    I know this thread is a little dated, but since many people are just now receiving Lightning to 30-pin adapters, and may have car stereo integration that relied on the 30-pin connector, I wanted to share what I did yesterday.

    First of all, I would like to give credit for most of this to twhite101, who posted an instructable at -- most of what I did came from there.

    In my case, I was using ProClip Item #516164 (Apple iPhone 4 / 4S WITHOUT Cases - Padded Holder with Tilt Swivel and Pass-Through Connector for Cable Attachment).

    First, I removed the existing passthrough 30-pin connector by removing the two screws on the back of the mount.

    Next, I used the Apple 30-pin to Lightning adapter cable (not the standalone adapter, but rather the one with the appx 8" cable.

    I followed the instructions in the above Instructables link to get the Lightning end of the cable fixed in the mount. In my case, I used two layers of white 5/16" heat shrink tubing cut to size. Once the tubing was on the Lightning connector, I worked on placement inside the ProClip mount.

    In the Instructables writeup, I believe he used 2 layers of 1/4" tubing and 2 layers of 3/8" tubing. Since I was using a different ProClip mount, I did it differently, since I had a wide gap at the bottom of my mount from the 30-pin passthrough connector that was there.

    I connected the Lightning end of the cable to the phone, and positioned it in the mount so that it would sit more towards the front of the mount. Once I had a good location, I applied two dabs of hot glue to each side of the shrink-tube wrapped portion of the Lightning connector. I then re-attached the back plate that held the passthrough connector in place.

    I then verified smooth insertion and removal of the iPhone 5.. If the connector is placed too far back, the phone will bind when you insert and remove it. Once I was satisfied with that, I taped off the bottom of the ProClip mount with duct tape temporarily.

    I then proceeded to fill the voids to each side of the Lightning connector with hot glue to ensure the connector would not move over time. The purpose of the duct tape was to keep the hot glue from coming out the bottom of the mount. Once it was dried, I removed all of the duct tape.

    I then routed the 30-pin end of the adapter cable inside my dash to connect to the 30-pin cable attached to my Kenwood navigation unit.

    The end result:
    - the iPhone 4s mount works perfectly for the iPhone 5
    - my Kenwood stereo once again works fully now that I have the adapter
    - I saved $90 because I didn't have to buy another ProClip device mount

    Attached are some pictures of the job.. Enjoy!


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