Professor found predictor for who is Trump supporter.

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    Professor found predictor for who is Trump supporter, and with a not so obvious method.

    Childrearing Beliefs Were Best Predictor of Trump Support by Peter Gray, Ph.D., research professor at Boston College.

    I see the correlation.

    It is also frightening how easy anyone could support someone even if contrary to religious ideals of a leader.
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    I would like to open the poll to everyone here, minus the political side to it.

    Which traits are more important for a child to have
    (1) respectful or independent; (2) obedient or self-reliant; (3) well-behaved or considerate; and (4) well-mannered or curious
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    steve knight

    Jan 28, 2009
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    #4 answers are respectful, self-reliant, considerate and well-mannered.

    I guess I am half authoritarian. :eek:
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    Militarism tends to be stronger within a family unit the more the white collar outlook trends downward. Interestingly enough, that despite the lower socioeconomic status of these individuals who are hardcore supporters and fell for the lies, is that minorities don't display these traits, at least not in noteworthy numbers. Which isn't surprising because today's bastardization of the GOP isn't all too popular with minorities. What's even more interesting is that decades ago, most of the GOP-rich (and by that I meant party followers) were Dixiecrats who didn't heel in line with the typical Democrat of the 40s-60s. When the areas began transforming to the Republican party long before it began down a road towards the deranged.
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    Id say its equally important to raise your child to be all of those things.
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    Independent, self-reliant, considerate, and well-mannered.

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