Program to Monitor/Track Bandwidth with Mac Addresses

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    I (like a lot of you) have a robust home network. I have three different wireless networks (5GHZ, 2.4GHZ, and a separate one for all my IP Camera's). They all feed back into a gigabit rack mounted switch which gets it's IP from an Airport Extreme.

    So my question is - is there a program that will show me how much bandwidth each device is using? Either identifying it by Mac Address (ideal) or by IP (if mac address doesn't work).

    The point is so I can see what devices use what amount of bandwidth, and ideally off of which wireless network.

    Any ideas? I'm open to paying for the application, the quality is more important than the price for me.

    If you need more information from me, let me know.

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    Per-Mac monitoring is out, because the MAC for each device will get stripped at the switch.


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