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Discussion in 'Games' started by zap2, Jan 2, 2007.

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    Well I've been looking at TVs my old one is dying slowly.

    I came upon this projector ----

    On and They are both refubs, but thats doesn't really both me. The one is 50 bucks cheap, so I linked that one.

    Its an supports 480p, 720p and 1080i through Component and VGA...which makes it pretty perfect for xBox 360/Wii..2 systems I plan to get this year(all ready have a Wii)

    I've been looking this over I everything seems perfect, almost to perfect, can any see a big flaw in thing, or should I buy it up?

    Are projector in general not good for gaming, or will the projector not mix well with the sensor bar on the Wii?
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    Quick review I found
    Cnet only gave it a 6/10 but all the reader reviews liked it.

    It has to scale HD video so it won't look as good as a native hi-def projector.

    AVSforum is down, otherwise I'd look up opinions there.

    As for using the Wii, using the sensor bar might be difficult depending on how you have everything set up (the cord wouldn't be nearly long enough in my case), but I've seen directions online for $20 homemade sensor bars that anyone with a soldering iron can make.
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    I have a shelf below my pull down screen for my components so that's where my Wii and sensor bar are.

    Beware of this projector - it's great but one reviewer said that bulbs for it are no longer available...
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