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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AppleGoat, Oct 3, 2014.

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    Yesterday, I upgraded from my stalwart iPhone 5 of two years to the new (basest) iPhone 6 (4.7”, 16GB). Here’s what I like and dislike about the new iPhone. First, I should say that I’m decidedly relieved I did not opt (and wait) for the 6+ to become more readily available in the lowest capacity. It was part being drawn to the larger screen and — let’s be honest: a flaw of human nature — to covet what no one else yet has. I have to wonder how many iPhone decisions have been (to some extent) governed by the un-obtainability of the Plus. Within half an hour of using the iPhone 6, I established 4.7” is as big as I’ll ever want a phone to be.

    This leads me to the first con of the new iPhone 6. In single-handed use, it becomes a precarious proposition to operate. I never truly feel comfortable using it with one hand — configuring my hand around it — especially while hovering above a toilet bowl or with a libation in my other hand. I feel this phone will be much more susceptible to slipping out of my hand. Therein lies a problem, as I dislike cases. I don’t know how people could outfit their new shiny iPhones with those bulky and hideous Otterbox cases. Sure, it will protect your phone for its life but never will you get to embrace the beauty and aesthetics of the device or really experience it in your hand. I left my iPhone 5 naked for its life and it took numerous spills (a few times on asphalt). I consider the scuffs, dings and scratches the patina of a well used phone. There was a moment where I regretted not using a case these past two years and that was when my iPhone 5 was appraised as “Poor” during the trade-in process. But that moment has passed. Like beautiful women, iPhones are better enjoyed naked.

    Another con — one that is common — is the bulging camera lens. Aesthetically speaking, I don’t mind it one iota. Rather, I’m more concerned the bulging camera will be more vulnerable to scratches. In the 24 hours I’ve had the phone, I’ve become chary of what surfaces I rest the phone on.

    While I’m grousing the cons of the phone, I might as well knock out the last three before moving on to what I like about the new phone. One, people weren’t lying when they said iOS 8 was buggy. Not sure if this is a software flaw (and I hope it is) but my phone sometimes freezes when I begin to message in landscape view. It may take a few seconds for the keyboard to become operational. I don’t imagine this is to be a hardware problem so hopefully future iterations of iOS 8 will correct this. Speaking of the landscape keyboard, I really wish Apple kept an oversized version of the old one. I managed to turn off the predictive word feature but I haven’t been able to do anything about all the jazz flanking the keyboard. I just want larger keys. If I want an emoji, I don’t mind hitting a button twice to access them.

    The last thing is not really a fault of the phone but a vexation with ever margin ravenous Apple. I wish Apple would have begun the iPhone 6s with 32GB of storage. This would have buffered the iPhone from some of the vitriol assailed at it by the Android community — I know the Galaxies come with 32GB of removable storage. Nonetheless, Apple is shrewd enough to realize they’ll make more money this way. Those who just want an iPhone and cannot afford to spend anymore will take the 16GB while 4 times the storage is a very compelling reason to fork out another $100 for others. Precisely the differentiation Apple is seeking. Though, with a base of 32GB, people would be more inclined to buy more music and apps and Apple would have profited that way too.

    That said, I really really like this phone. The screen is positively beautiful. Before purchasing the phone, I juxtaposed my 5 next to the 6 on display and noticed there was an appreciable difference in size but nothing major. However, upon using the 5 after extensively using the 6, the screen of the former now seems so tiny. The speaker on the 6 is considerably better. My car lacks an aux input so I always rested my 5 (at max volume) in a cup holder to best hear my favorite podcasts. With the 6, I had to turn down the volume and need not place the phone in a cup holder to hear my podcasts amidst the road noise. Likewise, the 6’s DAC seems to be superior as well. With my headphones plugged directly into the jack, the music sounds richer and (I believer) louder volumes can be achieved. The new slo-mo (240 fps) video feature is also really neat.

    There’s probably more to say but I’ve become weary of writing for now.

    Just thought I’d give my 2 cents to help anyone in the throes of deliberation.

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    Have you thought about a clear case? I really like this one:®-CUSHI...70&sr=8-2&keywords=spigen+iphone+6+clear+case

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