Protection with Redesign?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by w00t951, Apr 10, 2012.

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    The current iPhone design allows for easy protection of the entire phone. Just slap on a front and back screen protector and a bumper case, and you have a phone that's impervious to scratches and most drops. With the new unibody design that's going around, how will people protect their phone backs from scratches? The 4 was my first smartphone, so I have little experience in gadget protection. Thanks.
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    First. Nobody knows what it will really look like yet except a few choice engineers and product designers at apple. Everything else you see or hear? Speculation at best and pure fabricated fantasy at worst...
    I would agree that there is likely going to be a significant design change to the next iteration but who says it will follow an iPad-like form factor?
    Apple's been known to seed false designs in an attempt to mix up the rumor mill as well as trace leaking sources...

    Second. There will be a way to protect it, its a multi-million unit selling item. Accessory makers will fall all over themselves to create a plethora of designs of cases, bumper-esqe edge protectors and what have you...

    So all in all, I'd urge patience and time will tell how you will be able to protect a new phone design. There always are a variety of solutions and so you'll be able to pick what works for you. (yes sometimes right upon launch they can be limited but 4-6 months after initial release there are always a ton of case options...)
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    Do you spend your life worrying about things that haven't happened yet?

    You are concerned about something that, at this point in time, warrants ZERO concern.
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    I don't understand what u are saying. What do u mean "how will people protect the back of the new phone from scratches?" are u asking because currently no cases exist for a device that has never been seen? It's just a weird question. Of course when apple announces the device, Every case maker on the planet will be spitting out cases, screen protectors, etc. and yes, your options may be limited for the first few months, but after that you will have a million different options.

    Did u really think that because apple may redesign the iPhone, there would be no way to protect the new form factor?
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    When they only had 12 oz cans of coke, I knew exactly how to get it cold: Put it in the refrigerator. Now they have the 8 oz I put those in the microwave to keep them cool?

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