Proven method to upgrade to an unlocked and activated 3.0 GM 2G iPhone (descriptive)

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by guyverzero, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Okay, this is the long and VERY tedious process that I went through to get 3.0 unlocked without an activation check. I have no idea of knowing about how to get this on a 3G, so don't ask.

    First off, Quickpwn firmware will not work, you will need to have a custom 2.2.1 firmware made from pwnage tool. If you have a Mac this is easy, if not (if you're like me) you will have to find one somewhere. It doesnt' really matter if it has cydia or installer or any of that stuff (even the unlock is not necessary if it was unlocked prior to all this)

    uninstall your itunes 8.2 to get 8.1.1 so you can put on the custom 2.2.1 firmware, to do this you will need to remove the itunes.itl file (just search for it, I'm on Windows 7 so my file path won't help most) Just cut and paste it in a different folder until its all done.

    Next, do a shift+restore (NO DFU mode, if you do that you get a 1600 error) and after that, you're back to a 2.2.1 custom firmware!

    From here I installed the APN editor and sbssettings so that when I got to 3.0 I would still have the numerical battery and my tzones would still be in place. All this was going on while I was updating itunes 8.1.1 to itunes 8.2, it can just be done through the Apple Software Update.

    Once 8.2 is fully installed, you will be asked to restart your computer. After that is all done, you can finally get to the good part. If you haven't already done this, plug the iphone in. Once again, NO DFU mode is needed. Just do a straight shift+check for updates. (NOT restore) I had my wifi off just as a precaution, as others said it might help. Just do this and your phone should be good! Right now I'm running an unlocked 3.0 with no activation necessary and I have the numeric battery with full internet.

    Hope this all was helpful to everyone!
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    I just recently sold my 2G iphone but I know the person who bought it will soon be calling me about 3.0.

    My question is-she is using T-Mo-does the 3.0 upgrade the baseband on the 2G iPhone? If so, I am assuming it re-locks the baseband and she should not upgrade.

    Are you able to confirm this?

    Thanks! :)
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    Baseband not updated for iPhone 2G
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    If you're running an unlocked first gen iPhone on 2.2.1, just option (mac) or shift (PC)-click on "Check for Updates" and update to 3.0. Done. Why did that need a whole long post? I upgraded my girlfriend's iPhone and my iPhone and they both stayed unlocked.
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    I'm on 3.0 GM I want to sell my 2g iphone for money for the 3gs. Is there anyway i can downgrade back to 2.2.1 then do this process? Also i was running all betas before i went GM. Does the baseband change and can i still unlock it?
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    i'm going to try all of this becuz i think 3.0GM is worth it. i do not have a MAc tho so can you please tell me where i can get a trustworthy custom 2.2.1 firmware. i already have itunes 8.1.1 i never upgraded to 8.2. i have no idea what the APN editor and sbssetting are or what they do or if i need to install them or not. can you please help sorry for being a NOOB.

    p.s. - i just searched for the itunes.itl file and search was completed with no search results.

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