PS3, LCD, and HDCP

Discussion in 'Games' started by dreamsINdigital, Dec 5, 2006.

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    I'm looking to buy a LCD monitor for use with PS3 later on, when I can get a hold of one. Is it important that I buy a monitor that supports HDCP? From what I understand, if the monitor does not support HDCP, Blu-ray movies will not play in full HD resolution, but games should not be affected in any way. Is this only the case if I use a HDMI to DVI cable? If they come out with a VGA cable for the PS3, would this not matter?
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    Basically, HDCP consists of TWO things:

    1. A secure connection between playback device (e.g., Blu-ray player) and display. This can be an HDMI connection, or an HDCP-compliant DVI connection.

    2. The ICT (Image Constraint Token) for a particular movie must be turned ON in order for HDCP to have any effect. CURRENTLY, no movies ship with ICT on, but this could change at any time.

    So, for NOW, you don't really need HDMI or DVI... although a 1080p movie might play back at 1080i if you don't have HDMI or DVI. Later on, HDMI and DVI will be more important than they are now (when ICT-enabled movies start shipping).
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    Reading other forums, it seems that your monitor MUST support HDCP for you to even get a signal from the PS3.
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