PSA, you can double click the digital crown to return to the most recently used app

Discussion in 'Apple Watch Apps' started by BrettDS, May 11, 2015.

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    So a lot of you may know this already, but I just discovered it this morning and it changed my life (well, nearly so, at least).

    I've been using Pandora a lot in the car and it's been a pain because every time the watch goes to sleep it returns to the watch face when it wakes up again. I know you can change it so that it will wake up to the most recently used app, but most of the time I do want it to return to the watch face.

    But in the car, whenever I wanted to thumbs up or thumbs down a track, or switch to a different station or whatever I had been trying to either use siri to restart the pandora app (which doesn't often work well when there is music playing), or go to the home screen and start pandora again (which is difficult and probably not terribly safe when one is driving).

    However, this morning, I discovered that when you lift your wrist and wake the watch to the clock you can just double click the digital crown and it will take you right back into the most recently used app... in my case, pandora. I knew you could double click the crown to switch back and forth between two apps, but it never occurred to me that you could also use it to switch back to the most recently used app from the watch face.
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