[Puzzle game] Pixelus Deluxe -Build god’s house with your brain

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    POPCAP GAME - Pixelus Deluxe

    Are you a fan of puzzle games? Try Pixelus Deluxe!

    - For each puzzle, the player receives a limited number of tiles that need to be locked in blank spots.
    - Claudius can move around the mosaic and fling the tiles.
    - To stop a tile in its tracks, barriers need to be set up.
    - Medals are earned when the player beats the "world record" of each puzzle by using the minimum number of moves.

    Claudius is name of game hero. He has got shipwrecked on the Island of Pixelus.
    The island gods are upset because their temple floors are broken.
    To get back home, you need to appease the gods by restoring the floor mosaics.
    You must form certain designs on the floor, sliding tiles over the bright spots. You can only slide a tile if there is one tile to stop it. Sometime you´ll need to slide the tiles in order, sometimes you will have to place a tile to act as a temporary stopper, or a combination of techniques.
    After you have completed the tutorial, you can start playing. First, you will play in the Temple of Flora, as you succeed in completing levels, you will be promoted till you arrive to the next chapter.
    You can ask for Hints for one move or every move in every level. The game will show you how to slide the tiles to complete the design.
    There are nine chapters with 201 puzzles in total that are unlocked by fixing a certain amount of floors.

    All while enjoying fantastic Retina display graphics on your iPad.
    Enjoy the game!


    Pixelus Deluxe for Iphone.

    Pixelus Deluxe HD for Ipad.

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    Harder than you think

    After 3 hours, I only complete 3 chapters of this game

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