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Apr 9, 2001
Apple accounced a profit of $38 million for Q1 - in line with estimates.

During the conference call, the question of iMac sales taking away from PowerMac sales was raised... however, the answer was simply that they felt Pro users would still be compelled by the faster bus, L3 cache, dual processors and expandability of the PowerMac line.

Of note, Apple (Fred Anderson) did report today: "Orders in the first week [of the new iMac] were higher than any other product since the original iMac in terms of first week's orders after the date of announcement"


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Dec 30, 2001
Berkeley, California
Hopefully this trend of profit continuous...

With all the slow downs in the computer industry... apple is still affected. Yes, they did make a profit for Q1 (which is great) but they need to do this continually. Hopefully those sales of iMacs help. And dare I mention a new product release to help the PowerMac catagory (G5:)

Well, here's to the future....



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Sep 3, 2001
Tomasz is right this is a harsh climate for a PC maker right now, and I think it's amazing that Apple is still pushing out more and more great products and innovating through this. That is awesome news that the iMac has sold more than any other product since it's original version, incredible to be hearing sucess like that through times like these. "Emphasizes that March quarter will be about product transition. Remains optimistic for second half FY02 growth. #1: iMacs should trigger upgrades, robust pipeline of new products yet to come. #2: Mac OS X transition is gaining momentum too. #3: Most important pro apps should be available by spring. #4: Vision of "digital lifestyle" is beginning to take hold. #5: iPod very successful, #6: Retail stores will continue attract "the other 95 percent":D :D :p :eek: :p :eek:


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Dec 19, 2001
Forgive me if I am incorrect, but is Apple not 16 days into Q1 and therefore, the report should read $38M on Q4?


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Nov 6, 2001
good news...

glad to see our favorite fruit company is making it... without layoffs or slashed priced products ... etc

Way to go Apple

This is great news that apple is still making a profit, I think the iMac will provide a huge boost to Q2 profits if sales are this big! Also *Cough* G5's may come and out then we will see big profits:) :) Its funny to watch Compaq and HP struggle and lay off workers while apple makes a profit and continues to make kick a$$ computers!

Go Apple!

700mhz snow
100mhz performa:cool: :p

No B&W


For some reason fiscal Q1 starts Oct 1. So I guess Jan 1 is start of Q2. So in the biz world Oct 1 is new year's day =)


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Jan 2, 2002
Fiscal years

Each company can set their fiscal year to start whenever they want. Many follow the calendar year, but many don't. It may have to do with when they started the company or when they IPO'ed, or whatever other reason they want.

Apple's fiscal year ends Sep 30'th I beleive (could be wrong) - that could be for PR reasons as having a strong, back-to-school Q4 could help with PR in their traditionally low Q1 or something.

My $.02


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
stock value

Apple's stock is estimated to be up to $27 by the year's end.....which means I'll be selling it off at that point so I can break even....

unless, of course, the iMac revives them....again!

I do love the company, but the situation is a bit too risky for me to gamble....


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Aug 1, 2001
Santa Cruz Ca
I'll trade you some Enron stock

For those shares at $8.00. Better yet, there's a Timeshare in Palestine......I think they really like Americans.:p


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Jan 1, 2002
california, usa
re; stock and stock value

wow, i didn't know apple went all the way to those days, if you blinked, high tech shares climbed ten dollars a share

the imac will make apple break thirty in my opinion even though the vast majority of us macrumors posters did not give the new imac a good review

we all have to see the imac in person before we can judge it as ugly or easy to tip over

i thought the ipod was so so until i saw it in person and the ipod is truly amazing

apple's share dipped to an all time low at 14 after the shakeout of the dot.coms and high tech and if we can eventually see apple at 75 -half the value of the all time high of 150, then i would think that apple would have "recovered" because some say the high stock prices were even two times too high and the lowering of values was just an adjustment


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Jan 1, 2002
california, usa
congtats dantec

you are now on page 1 of 316 pages of macrumors posters and you are officially in the top ten with eyelikeart, jefhatfield, and spikey

i am only in 30th place (page3) in all time posters with networkman but my old handle of jefhatfield is now number two with spikey and mischief in hot pursuit for first place


apple's plan

phase 1: collect PC users
phase 2: ...
phase 3: profit!
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